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General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of the Contractor

1. general conditions for website and PWA creation

(1) The Website/PWA is created on the basis of the Worldsoft programs. The

Scope of the Website/PWA and the service description are in the order

is defined.

(2) Requirements for the creation are a Worldsoft Hosting package and possibly a

Internet address (domain) at Worldsoft AG, Churerstrasse 158, 8808

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland. The contractor orders on behalf of the client

the desired hosting package at Worldsoft. Scope of services and

services are not part of the services provided by Worldsoft.

services of the contractor.

(3) If a Website/PWA already exists on the domain of the Customer,

the creation takes place on an internal internet address at Worldsoft, so that you can

no interruption occurs. The new website/PWA will be updated after completion to the

existing Internet address. This is done by the

Carrying out a provider change from the previous provider to Worldsoft.

After the switch, the old contents and e-mails are stored in the mail accounts at the

previous provider can no longer be reached under this domain.

(4) The Contractor shall optimize the Website/PWA for the following Internet browsers:

Firefox and Google Chrome. The guarantee of optimization to these Internet browsers

Browser extends to the current versions of the respective browsers for the

Date of completion of the website.

(5) After the Contractor has received the information on the

basic concept, he develops a basic version of an

usable Website/PWA. The basic version shows the structure,

and contains the essential design features (design) and the

necessary basic functionality. After the client has created the basic version

and the Contractor has received from the Client the material for the

the desired content of the Website/PWA, he begins with the production of the

of the final version.

2. general conditions for graphic design

(1) The scope of the graphic design work and the service description are described in the

Order defined.

(2) The Contractor shall be entitled to subcontract the processing of individual

or all agreed services.

(3) The Contractor shall develop a new service plan in accordance with the Client's specifications.

Sketch/Draft. After the client agrees with the design

and the contractor is to select the material for the required

content, he starts implementing the final version. The final version

the client receives from the contractor as a print-optimized file in digital format.


3. obligations of the client to cooperate

(1) The Customer shall provide the Contractor with the contents to be integrated for the purpose of

order. In particular, this includes all texts and images to be integrated,

Graphics, logos and tables. Support by the contractor in the case of

the textual content or the research of images can be agreed.

The client is responsible for the contents or the purchase of pictures.

(2) The Customer shall provide the Contractor with the texts and images to be integrated.

image files in the following form:

a) Texts in digital form in a common file format (.txt).

b) Images in digital form in file format as .jpg, .gif, .png, .psd. Or in

printed form (or photo prints) in a quality that is suitable for digitization.

per scanner.

4. acceptance of the work

(1) The Contractor shall inform the Customer of the completion of the

basic version/draft sketch. Acceptance of the basic version/draft sketch

is carried out automatically after 10 days, if the client has not received any

.change requests.

(2) After completion of the final version, the contractor shall show the

client. The acceptance of the final version takes place automatically after 10 days,

if during this time no .change requests of the client are indicated

will be. .change requests are carried out by the contractor free of charge,

provided that they meet the agreed requirements. For amendments which are no longer covered by the flat-rate allowance.

the parties agree to handle them in accordance with Section 7.2. The

Acceptance of the final version after change takes place automatically after 10 days.

(3) During the completion phase, the Contractor shall be entitled to

The client shall submit individual components of the website for partial acceptance. The

The customer shall be obliged to accept part of the order, provided that the relevant

components meet the contractual requirements.

5. rights of use

(1) The contractor shall grant the client the exclusive, spatially and

the right to use the advertising material created.

The prerequisite for the use of the Website/PWA on the Internet is the

Worldsoft service as described in point 1.2. The granting of the

right of use shall not become effective until the client has fulfilled the obligations set forth in point 7

of this contract to the contractor in full and in full.

for the money he paid.

2. References to the following shall be made in appropriate places on the Website/PWA

copyright of the contractor.

6. conditions with ongoing support

(1) The Customer may agree with the Contractor to provide ongoing support for

agree. Service description and price are defined in the order.

(2) If the customer is in default of payment despite a reminder and a time limit, the

the Contractor shall be entitled to suspend the performance of its obligations until the

the outstanding amount. The contractor is also entitled to suspend the

to terminate ongoing support without notice. The client

remains obliged to pay the agreed amount in this case.

7. remuneration

(1) The customer undertakes to pay the agreed flat-rate remuneration in accordance with the

agreed terms of payment. The lump-sum payment shall include the following

services defined in this order.

(2) For additional expenses which go beyond this order, the parties agree to the following

parties are charged at the current hourly rate. The parties will

in such a case, agree on whether and to what extent the

contractor is to provide these additional services.

(3) The customer shall be obliged to pay any additional costs in accordance with the current

hourly fee, which results from the fact that the client has to pay his own

has not fulfilled any of the obligations set out in point 3.

(4) The Contractor shall be entitled to make reasonable and timely payment to the Principal

to invoice installment payments at intervals if services are to be rendered in accordance with

Points 7.2 and 7.3 are provided. The amount of the advance payments shall be determined by

the services already rendered in each case. The progress payments

are due for payment within ten working days.

8. warranty and liability

(1) The Contractor shall be liable for defects in accordance with the statutory provisions.

regulations. For contents, which the client makes available, the

Contractor not responsible. In particular, the contractor is not responsible for

is obliged to check the contents for possible violations of the law. This

also applies to information and instructions provided by the customer, such as

e.g. texts for e-mails and selected search terms for search engines. Should

third parties may claim against the Contractor for such possible infringements of the law

the customer undertakes to indemnify the contractor against any and all liability

liability and to reimburse the contractor for the costs incurred by him in connection with the

because of the possible violation of rights.

(2) The contractor shall not be liable for lack of economic success,

in particular the website, the website marketing and Internet marketing


(3) In the event of slight negligence, the Contractor shall only be liable in the event of infringement of

obligations essential to the contract (cardinal obligations) as well as in the case of personal injury.

and in accordance with the Product Liability Act. In all other respects the

pre-contractual, contractual and extra-contractual liability of the

contractor is limited to wilful intent and gross negligence, whereby the contractor shall

liability limit shall also apply in the event of the fault of a vicarious agent.

(4) The period for the limitation of warranty obligations of the Contractor shall be

is one year.

9. termination

(1) The customer may terminate this contract for good cause,

in particular if the contractor has fulfilled his obligations arising from the

Order sustainably violated.

(2) The Contractor shall be entitled to terminate the contract in particular if the

the client to fulfil his obligations according to point 3 of this contract in a sustainable manner.

or the customer fails to pay due amounts despite a reminder and the setting of a deadline.

I don't settle my bills.

(3) In the event of a termination of this contract, the project will be terminated at the respective

Actual state finished, even if it could not be completed. The

Contractor shall not be obliged to repay any remuneration already received.

obligated. The customer is obligated to pay not yet paid but already

to pay for services rendered.

10. final provisions

(1) No ancillary agreements have been made between the parties. All

Additions or supplements to these terms and conditions or Corresponding

Contracts must be in writing to be effective.

(2) Should any provision of the contract be wholly or partially invalid or

the validity of the contract or of the general terms and conditions of business shall be extended.

not touched, by the way. In the place of the ineffective

Condition enters such a condition, which the purpose of this provision in juridically

the most effective way. This shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that

there is a loophole.

(3) To the extent permissible, the parties agree on the place of jurisdiction at the registered office of the contractor.

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